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  • Carmenna Hütte

    having a short lunch break at one of the most famous mountain restaurants


    Poststrasse, 7050 Arosa, Switzerland


    Thursday, February 9, 2017

    Personal highlights

    1. Carmenna: mountain ridge between Weisshorn and Plattenhorn
    2. Hütte: one of the most famous mountain restaurants in Arosa
    3. Live Music: outdoor stage with regular bands and pop singer
    4. Älplermagronen: traditional meal with penne, potatoes and cheese
    5. Streuselkuchen: traditional crunchy cake with a fruit (e.g. apples)

    Image sources

    1. Official logo on a pillow
    2. Carmenna Hütte from the slopes
    3. Traditionally decorated interior
    4. Outdoor bar for apres ski