Who am I anyway?

Frankly, I am only expecting readers on this site who know me at least a little. But if I am for any reason attracting other people, you are warmly welcome too! I am a young (hopefully that will not change so quickly) and dynamic web enthusiast from Switzerland. Besides my professional engagements, I love to meet my family and friends. In every spare minute I travel around the world and learn new things by reading and philosophising. Sometimes I am also physically active, most probably on a festival, a dark dance floor or in the mountains attached to a snowboard. Overall I am a kind, versatile, highly curious and passionate person.


Where do I come from?

I was born and raised in the metropolitan area of Basel, Switzerland. After graduating as a multimedia designer in Zurich, I was working for more than 10 years on internet projects. Besides some work in visual communication, software development and project management, I successfully built an entire department with a team of nearly 20 employees. The internet is my passion, professionally as well as in private. It helps to connect people, to enable new projects and possibilities and most importantly to spread knowledge. I have learned much about society, business and the medium internet.


Where am I going to?

There is not a specific path, but many options and some tendencies. Most importantly I want to go new ways and learn more about the unknown (in relation to where I come from). At the same time I want to use my knowledge and expertise where it is needed (and welcome). For the moment this means traveling to foreign countries, visiting interesting places and exchanging with locals. In the near future it might also include one or another professional or social engagement. In the end we are all living in one big, interconnected world and I want to contribute on its general improvement. What this means, I am set to find out.